A star is born.

Marilyn monroe was born on the 1st june 1926 in Los angeles county hospital. she was named Norma Jeane Mortenson, but was soon changed after by her mother to Norma jeane baker.This was the surname of monroes mother, (gladys) first husband. But on monroes birth satificate, Martin E Morteson lays underneath father of the child. Martins surnmae was missspelled on the birth certificate, this led to confusion as to who little norma jeanes father actually was. Gladys married martin in 1924 but they seperated before her pregnancy. Mortenson died at the age of 85. througout marilyn's life she denied that Mortenson was her father.  

Passed from home to home.Edit

Gladys was mentally unstaiblle and financially unable to care for young norma jeane,she decided to place her with foster parents Albert and Ida boleneder she lived with them until she was seven, one day gladys returned to the family home and demanded that the Bolnders returned marilyn back to her. Ida refused becuse she knew that glady was mentally unstaible and couldnt care for her. gladys pulled ida into the back garden and quickly ran back into the house and locked her self in. several minuets later gladys walked out of the back door with one of alberts millitary bags. she had zipped the bag up and inside was a screaming Norma jeane, ida charged towrds her the bag was split open and out fell norma jeane ida grabbed her and brought her back into the 1933, Gladys bought a house and brought norma to live with her a few months later gladys began a series of mental episodes that plauged her for the rest of her life. Gladys best friend, Grace Mckee became norma's gardian grace told norma that one day she would be a movie star they used to spend days at the movies and grace would let norma wear some makeup and take her to the hair dresses to getb her hair curled. when norma jeane was nine grace married Ervin silliman, in 1935 he subsequentl

little Norma jean

y sent monroe to the los angeles orphan home. several families were interested about adopting  her but they didnt go ahead because glady wouldnt sign the adoption paper. monroe stayed at the orphan home for two years. In 1937 monroe moved back in with grace and doc But the plan didnt last as doc attempted to sexualy assualt norma jeane. Grace sent Norma to the home of her 58 year old aunt, Ana lower. she became Norma jean beloved aunt. unfortunatly ana was not in the best og health and couldnt look after norma jean full time. Norma was passed from home to home from anna lower and the goddards.In 1942 Doc goddard took a job in west virgina he decided that marilyn would not take tghe journey with him, but grace did not want to place norma back into the orphanage or foster home. she told marilyn that she had an idea of marrying her off to the young handsome boy that lived next door. James dougherty.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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