Dougherty was out serving for the merchant marine, marilyn started working for radio plane munitions factory. she mainly painted airplane parts with fire retardent and she also inspected parachutes. radio plane was owned by movie star Reginald denny. David conover the U.S air forces was sent to the factory by his commanding officer to shoot morale-boosting photographs, this was for the army weekly magazine. he spotted marilyn straight away and started shooting pictures of her. he encourged her to apply to the blue book modleing agency. Maruilyn signed withb the agency and researched Jean harlow and Lana turner. Marilyn was told that they were looking for modles with lighter hair, so marilyn bleached her hair to a golden blonde colour.she appeared on loads of magazine covers she became one of blue books most succsessful
Marilyn factory

beginnings of a star.

Because of norma jeanes succsessful modleing, she caught the attention of ben loyn, 20th century fox executive. He arranged a screen test for her, and he was very impressed, he offered her a six month contract with them, starting at a salary of 125 pounds a week. Ben did not like the name norma jeane so he decided to change it to carole lind as a stage name. but he soon decided it was not an appropriate choice. norma was invited to spend the weekend with loyn and his wife at their home. It was then they decided to find her a new name. Marilyn decided to pick her mothers maiden name monroe, they tried Norma jeane monroe and Norma monroe and many more but loyn decided on Jeane monroe. But loyn thought that jeane was to common, he suggested Marilyn, but norma hesitated as it reminded her of the name Mary-lyn a name she did not like. but eventually it was picked as Marilyn Monroe. loyn said it sounded great and it was lucky because of the double M.

During her six month contarct with centuary fox she never had any speaking roles in any of the films, but she took  lessons on singing dancing and other classes to help her. She appeared as an extra in some musical films like. The shocking miss pilgram. You were meant for me. The western green grass of wyoming. her first credited role was as a waitress in dangerous years, which she had nine short lines.  

1948 marilyn had been released from her contract with 20th century fox, she met hollywood photagrapher Bruno Bernard he photgraphed her at the raquet club of palm springs. that were she met johnny hyde.In 1948 she signed a six month contract with with columbia pictures. there she met Natasha lytess who was her acting coach for several years.marilyn was soon cast in a major role in the musical ladies of the chorus. she was reviewed as one of the films bright spots.A lthough the film only had moderete sucsess. After the release of the badly reviewed ladies of the chorus. marilyn was dropped by columbia pictures. she was  finding it extremly hard to get  work, but she particuarly  wanted film work. But no offers came so she returned back to modleing. she met tom kelly, who took a some pictures of her in 1949.

she later had a small role in the marx brothers film, Love Happy. after signing with Johnny hyde, she had breif rolles in three films. A ticket to tomahawk, right cross and Fire ball, all of wich  released in in 1950. but these films did not bring her anything for her career. hyde dicided to audition for john huston, who later casted her in the Asphalt jungle. she played a serious part, which brought her strong reviews. It brought her to the attention to the writer and directer Joseph mankiewicz, he accepted the decsion to cast a small roll of  monroe in a comedy, called. All about eve. Because of monroes big sucsess in these films, Joseph decided to sign her up for a seven year contract with 20th century fox.